Frustrated By Today’s Politics

31 Mar

So, once again, those ridiculous, yet frustratingly effective (politically speaking) Repugs dust off the old fear-mongering playbook, flood our televisions with their mistruths, sway public opinion, and seemingly put to bed any real chance of reform that could help millions of uninsured Americans get the healthcare they need and save our economy down the road. All of this despite several attempts by Democrats to compromise and bring them to the negotiating table, especially in the Senate debate, where the public option proposal was first scaled down, then effectively dropped, and the “no state boundary restrictions to buying health insurance” proposal was included.

As an Obama supporter, I admit it’s been a tough go the last few months. People like me, who felt that his presidency was the last real shot we had for a new tone in Washington and at accomplishing some truly significant bipartisan reforms were quickly shown that the honeymoon was to be short-lived and that apparently nobody will ever end the gridlock. Friends of mine on the Left feel he’s not living up to what they expected–“disappointed” is the word I hear over and over–while my friends on the Right can’t seem to get past this caricature they’ve created. Despite those sentiments, it’s not as if the country wants to return to what we saw in the 2000s–it’s that they’re fed up with the entire process, which is certainly justified at this point, no matter your political leaning. But I hope people see what’s really been happening: we have the political party that controls 40% of the legislative body thinking they should dictate 80-90% of the legislation. That’s just a ridiculous way to even begin negotiation. That same party is now so fenced in by its own rhetoric now that any slight move towards possibly working with this administration is something that could cost them their next election. How will we ever move forward like this?! Are we really in an era where nothing important will ever pass again without one party having complete control of all branches of government?!

/ends rant


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