AR-02: Kennedy Campaign Releases “First” TV Ad Today

3 May

Just when you were about to ask yourself “What, exactly, does Patrick Kennedy’s Communications Director spend his time doing every day?” we finally get to see some work product out of one of Patti Julian’s wonder boys:

I would submit that “different” is not always “better,” though at least this ad has a slightly more serious tone than the first Kennedy “Gone in 5 to 12 Seconds” ad:

Yes, I only said “slightly more serious”—in times of economic crisis, great social upheaval, and some of the most politically-charged policy debates in a generation, Kennedy is still touting his pro-canine agenda (at the expense of issues nearly all voters are focused on) in the one brief opportunity he has had to reach a lot of people at once.

Not the way we’d go here at BHR—the basset hound lovers that we are notwithstanding—but to each their own, eh?


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