AR-Sen: Two of a Kind, Workin’ on a Full House (and Senate of AR-DINOs)

12 May

AR-04 Congressman and leading Blue Dog Hypocrite Mike Ross has just announced that he will be making a campaign appearance with Sen. Blanche Lincoln this Saturday in Arkadelphia.  The Honeycomb Restaurant and Bakery at 9am is the place to be for some early morning spin on their collective poor representation for our state during the past year leading up to this election. So, feel free to coffee up and go hold a couple of your elected officials accountable this weekend.

You see, Mike, I stood with you in obstructing the President’s call for a public option and the true health care insurance overhaul that this country — and particularly your impoverished district — so desperately needed.  Of course, this was, you know, after I initially voiced my support for it.  And before I ended up voting for a watered-down version of the bill just so I could claim I cast the deciding vote later.  But, if the crowd Saturday seems angered by that, I’ll remind them I voted against the (better) Senate version, too. Don’t worry; I got this.


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