Messing With My Signs Is Like Messing With My Emotions

18 May

Obviously, you can’t drive or take a walk anywhere around here without being bombarded by campaign signs — ’tis the season and all that.  But I couldn’t help but become extremely irked today at lunch by a lack of signage by the Starbucks near the I-630/Broadway exit.  You see, for the second straight day, I drove by a location where I had previously placed a Bill Halter for Senate sign, along with an accompanying John Adams for Congress sign, only to see them taken down in both spots and replaced with this:

Yes, those are four Blanche Lincoln signs, all within 20 feet of each other. (Not pictured are the other five behind me and four more across the street.) Yes, that’s exactly where I had placed my Halter/Adams signs last week.  Again, this exact thing happened in both downtown locations where I had placed signs.

Rogue Lincoln volunteers?  Probably; I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it’s a coordinated effort without more proof. Does it still really piss me off?  You bet.  Messing with other candidates’ campaign signs ain’t cool, man. They’s principalities in this whole thing. You done broke the rules.

Not one to be outdone, however, here’s a sign that Blanchey supporters can’t take down:

UPDATE: The Blue Arkansas blog reports similar instances re: Halter signs being replaced by several Lincoln signs in Jonesboro. Perhaps there is more to this phenomenon.


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