V-I-C-T-O-R-Y, That’s the Blue Hog Rally Cry!

18 May

You’ve heard it a million times, especially from underdog candidates: The only polls that matter are the ones at the end of election day.

True dat.

Arkansas progressives, today, let’s beat the conventional wisdom of presumed front-runners and let the candidates’ stands on the issues take precedent. Let’s turn these polls on their heads and let this state know that Arkansas progressives are not just alive and well, but are flourishing right now as we continue to make our voices heard. And as this intense primary season has shown, we are done just settling with the status quo and rubber-stamping the Old Guard ’round here. With a visionary and reform-minded Democratic president in office, now is the time to make history, not to be sitting on the sidelines and playing it safe, or trying to mimick that other party.

Stand up! Be heard! Vote Bill Halter. Vote John Adams. Vote David Cook. Vote Pat O’Brien. Vote L.J. Bryant. Let’s do this, Arkansas!


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