AR-01: Just Causey

25 May

As we noted in our original endorsements rollout a few weeks ago, when trying to decide who we would back in the various races, one of our hard-and-fast rules was that we would be very reluctant to support a candidate who had gone on record saying that he or she would not have voted for the federal healthcare reform bill. When turning our attention to Arkansas’s 1st Congressional District, we proudly threw our support behind David Cook leading up to the last Tuesday’s primary, as he was the candidate most in line with many of our favored progressive and populist policies, most notably the aformentioned HCR, as well as other pro-labor measures and a “sin tax” to be applied to Wall Street executive bonuses for companies that received TARP funds.  But, perhaps most importantly, Mr. Cook appeared to be most at odds with noted horrible Democrat Tim Wooldridge and the incumbent-style campaign he was running.

Despite some energized grassroots support, Cook finished third behind Wooldridge and the candidate who, despite his initial opposition to HCR, had fielded the best ground game of any candidate in the field (mid-March polling showed him hovering around 5% while Wooldridge was over 30%) and had built an organization that led him to a surprisingly high vote total (27%) last week, catapulting him to the June 8 runoff against Wooldridge. I, of course, am talking about Chad Causey, and I am proud to inform you that his campaign has the full backing of us Blue Hoggers.

Let’s just get one thing out of the way before we tell you how impressed we’ve been with Causey. No, he has not perfected diaper-changing as me and my BHR colleague have.  But, obviously, that fact does not disqualify him from being able to be a terrific public servant, nor does it somehow change the fact that the ideas and policies his campaign have been touting are clearly better than the often bigoted, backwards-looking, closet clearly Republican aspirations being espoused by the ol’ Missing Carburetor.

What we get with Chad Causey is someone that brings the experience of serving as Marion Berry’s Chief of Staff. Perhaps we may have not agreed with the retiring congressman much of late, but there’s no denying the outstanding public service he contributed to our state, which was due in part to the effectiveness of Causey in his role as CoS.  In Causey, we get a true Democrat who grew up like many of his fellow Arkansans — having to work hard and make sacrifices in order to blaze a path in life — and who realizes that the success of our economy hinges both on the opportunities given to our young people through higher education as well as by promoting measures that strengthen our middle-class. It’s no wonder his campaign has garnered the support of the National Education Association for his supporting major “No Child Left Behind” reforms and programs that promote access to two-year colleges, or why the AFL-CIO picked him as the best voice for organized labor.  While heavily concerned with large national deficits and spending, Chad also is clearly on the side of forward-thinking policies like wind power and other green energy sources that will save taxpayers money in the long-run.

We certainly hope that we see Steven Bryles and Ben Ponder follow David Cook in supporting Chad Causey. It would be hard to imagine that any of the other candidates in this field would be comfortable supporting Wooldridge, given some of his positions. Here at the blog, we think the choice for Democrats is clear at this point.


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