AR-Sen: Much Ado About Bubba

28 May

As we’ve discussed, Bill Clinton is in town this weekend to ratchet up support for Blanchey Lincoln’s runoff dogfight with Bill Halter, and Clinton will attempt to do so llargely by shoring up a base that she used to take for granted — Arkansas’s African-Americans.  In so doing, he’ll be playing up the myth that she’s had the interests of the black community at heart as senator, despite voting against a federal healthcare public option supported by President Obama that would have provided insurance for the thousands of impoverished African-Americans in our state, and against providing additional federal dollars to fund Historically Black Colleges like Philander Smith, which, ironically enough, she will be appearing at today with said former president.

Obviously, the progressive community, including us Bubba-lovin’ Blue Hoggers, were very disappointed to hear that #42 would take the time to come home and tout the record of a senator who seems much more at ease voting for things like Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy and Big Oil subsidies than supporting the current Democratic president’s bold initiatives to undo a lot of the peril Shrub got us into.

Though Clinton chose loyalty to Lincoln over getting behind this state’s call for change with his backing, we can’t completely hate — I mean, it’s Bill — and, as we are prone to do, we still find ourselves trying to come up with creative ways to justify his behavior just so we can can keep up this long love affair we have going.  Much like his amazing ’08 DNC speech seemed to heal all wounds between himself, his wife, and all the Democrats who supported Obama for President over Hillary, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee launched an ad trying to remind you that you can still love Bubba … and proudly vote for Bill Halter, too.

In fact, they say, Bill Halter is Bill 2.0 for Arkansans demanding real change. A PCCC official said the goal is to highlight Arkansas voters “who once found Bill Clinton an inspiring rising star and now feel that way about Bill Halter.”


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