AR-Land Comm: [Update] Bryant Officially Denies Link to Anti-Davenport Website

1 Jun

AR-Land Comm candidate and BHR endorsee L.J. Bryant has just issued an official statement regarding his alleged involvement with the attack site that we have reported on.

While this is clearly a distraction from my campaigning, I’m pleased to tell you that I categorically deny that I have had anything to do with the GreedyMontyDavenport website.  I first became aware of the site back in April when I received by regular mail a printout of the homepage.  It came to me in a plain white envelope and was hand-addressed.  Out of not much more than curiosity, I sent one email (see below) to the site asking who was behind it.  I received no reply and have had no contact at all with whoever remains behind the site.

I do not have any knowledge whatsoever about who created the site or who runs the site, but I can honestly say that to my knowledge, it is not me or anyone that I know or have ever had contact with.

All one needs to do is go to my campaign website ( to see the extreme quality of top-line work that I generate and see the vast differences in the 2 sites.  I can also say, that while the emails that appear to have come from me, they did not.  However, you can be assured that I’ll be trying to figure how this fraud was perpetrated and hopefully, I’ll be able to expose whoever is behind it and also who they work for.

Here’s the email reply Mr. Bryant alludes to in his statement:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: LJ Bryant <>
Date: Sun, Apr 25, 2010 at 8:10 PM

I received a letter from your group. I always try to respond to all the mail we receive. I was just curious to know more about your group.

You can also rest assured that Matt and I are on top of this story and will be working to uncover the truth. We take great pride on our fact-checking and research when posting news and opinion pieces, and we always strive to hold candidates accountable, no matter who they are or how much we may like them — it is our duty to our readers and to ourselves.

While this latest drama in an increasingly interesting race for an often forgotten-about position keeps us political junkies interested, in no way does it change the fact that Monty Davenport’s name has been attached to far too many scandals, has been a lousy elected official who has not had the best interests of his constituents at heart, again and again has proven to be squarely on the wrong side of progress, and continues to whiff when it comes to offering specific proposals or modes of attack on his very capable and energetic opponent.


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