AR-01: Causey Rollout Continues

2 Jun

It’s never a bad thing to follow up a brand spankin’ new television ad with an endorsement from a very popular former president and favorite son of your state.

Today, former President Bill Clinton officially announced his backing of former House staffer Chad Causey’s campaign ahead of the June 18 runoff primary election.

Causey’s campaign is broadcasting Clinton’s endorsement in a radio ad that features the former Arkansas governor speaking to AR-01 voters. Clinton’s remarks in the 30-second spot are as follows:

This is President Bill Clinton. In the Democratic runoff for Congress on June 8th, I’m supporting Chad Causey and I hope you will too. Chad has a track record of results for Arkansas. Chad worked to increase veterans’ benefits, to protect Social Security and Medicare. He’s worked to create new clean energy jobs.  And he stood up for Arkansas farmers. So on Tuesday, June 8th, please vote, and vote for Chad Causey for Congress.

Causey finished second to the completely out-of-touch Tim Wooldridge in the first round of primary voting held last month. In a statement welcoming Clinton’s endorsement, Causey said “it speaks volumes” that he’s won “the support of the original ‘Comeback Kid.'” The winner of next week’s vote will compete against Republican broadcaster Rick Crawford for the AR-01 House seat that Causey’s former boss, the retiring Marion Berry, is vacating.


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