AR-Land Comm: More From The Theatre of the Bizarre

2 Jun



Yes, THAT Morrison, as in D.C., the all-things-Republican-“Democrat” who somehow garnered over 40,000 votes in his run against Blanche Lincoln and Bill Halter for the former’s senate seat. Yes, THAT Morrison, the man who proudly proclaimed that he’d “support any one of the eight Republican candidates [against Lincoln or Halter]” and has since announced he would be voting for Republican John Boozman in November.

There you have it, folks. Right there in living color. But why the Bryant campaign, seemingly quite progressive in its policy visions and fresh ideas on reforming the Land Commissioner’s office — albeit in a largely apolitical office — would team up with someone so extremely rightwing in a Democratic primary is puzzling.

In fact, when breaking down the numbers, we know that Bryant fared extremely well in south Arkansas, particularly to the southwest of Little Rock, which is exactly where the Politico notes that the highest numbers of Morrison voters turned out.

Morrison ran strongest in a cluster of counties just southwest of Little Rock, where he pulled between 14 percent and 24 percent of the vote. These rural, predominantly white voters are nestled in the traditionally Democratic 4th Congressional District, but they are known for having an independent streak.

Why such a large percentage of them marked ballots for the underfunded Morrison — who voted for Ron Paul for president and against popular Democrat Mike Beebe for governor in 2006 — is being heavily debated.

Perhaps Bryant sees this endorsement as another way to show voters fed up with incumbents and political insiders that he is not part of the problem, but rather the result of a grassroots movement to kick out the Old Guard politicians. Yes, perhaps.

However, one would think an endorsement from the establishment-shaking Halter campaign would have been a better fit, though  probably not the endorsement easiest to attain.  Still, that surely would have been a much easier sell to the thousands of progressives who voted for Bryant in Round 1 v. Monty.

Oh, “Guy With The Red Sign,” care to opine? Perhaps Mike Berg and the over 20,000 people that voted for him for Land Comm last month will take the opportunity to weigh in with their thoughts on this increasingly bizarre race. Berg certainly seemed to be more forward-thinking in his stated approaches than Davenport, which led us to believe he would have endorsed Bryant by now. Perhaps he was waiting for more events to unfold. Wait no more.


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