AR-Sen: Rasmussen Says Boozman Leads By Nearly Thirty

17 Jun

Rasmussen, the notable Right-leaning pollsters that they are, released their first general election poll for the AR-Sen showdown between incumbent Blanche Lincoln and Rep. John Boozman. While we all expected early polling to show a tremendous uphill climb for Mrs. Lincoln — something in the neighborhood of 15, possibly even 20 points — Rasmussen scores it far worse for the Queen o’ Double-Sided Talk:

Boozman 61%

Lincoln 32%

Other 4%

Undecided 3%

Ok, obviously the nearly THIRTY point lead for Boozman is beyond staggering, even as we Blue Hoggers have continually noted the lack of traditional Democratic support remaining for Lincoln (particularly from education and labor) and the complete distrust of her from an ever-mounting progressive movement in this state. For any two-term incumbent senator to be such an underdog defies conventional wisdom, no matter how the winds of Washington are shifting and affecting voter moods in any given election cycle. Though we know Rasmussen’s polling methods may have inflated this number based on what we’ve seen from them in the past, few likely doubt the larger theme of “she has zero chance in November” at this point.

Also quite notable from this polling was the stated number of undecided voters — 3%. Can that truly be a fairly accurate count?  It’s hard to imagine there aren’t a large number of loyal Dems out there still unsure if they’ll be able to hold their nose and press the screen for her.  Admittedly, despite her proven record of continually supporting corporate influences over the people of this impoverished state, I’d consider doing the “loyal thing” for my party if I thought it would help push the forward-looking Obama agenda. But, at this point, I don’t see her voting a whole lot different than her opponent would on a score of issues that matter to populist Democrats like me.

If only we were set up like Nevada, where “None of these candidates” actually makes the ballot, too.


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