AR-Sec. State: Seriously, Mark, What Are Your Ideas Already?

6 Jul

I cannot be the only interested voter (from either party) out there who is more than a tad frustrated with the complete lack of any information coming from the campaign of State Rep. Mark Martin for Secretary of State.  Sure, in the last few weeks we’ve seen a wild barb or two launched against the “radical” philosophy of his opponent and BHR fave Pat O’Brien because of O’Brien’s staunch support of Barack Obama’s candidacy in 2008 (which, I suppose, is in keeping with the Jim Keet “national talking points/little to do with Arkansas” GOP ’10 theme), but can a general-election candidate really get away with rarely issuing a news release, not posting any issues or policy platforms on his website — which supposedly acts as the “extension of [the] campaign” — updating the blog he frequently touts, or even giving voters a simple Facebook or Twitter update on a reg’lar basis?

In the second decade of the 21st century, it’s awfully hard to imagine that anyone could be successful with that strategy. But alas, ’tis the campaign communication strategy of one Mark Martin.

As this website is rolled out, you can learn more about me, my public service, and where I stand on the issues.

Sure, Mark. This is the same statement you’ve had on your main page for months now. Yet, just over 3 months away from the general election against an opponent known for making his solutions-based strategies and philosophies for good governance very accessible, I am still waiting on you to put your thoughts on how to improve this office in a place where I can easily locate it, read it, and later “kill you on wax,” er, “keyboard,” as I take you apart in the now infamous BHR tradition.

Granted, you have your “Off the Marble” blog that you used to keep fairly current (a lame attempt to be “cool” like Rep. Steve Harrelson, if you ask me), so I can read some slightly dated ridiculousness there. And it is ridiculous and usually mean spirited … and totally in keeping with like-minded Repug ignoramouses like Matt’s whipping boy, Rep. David Meeks. Here’s a little example our readers will enjoy:

Typical liberals used to be ingenious thinkers, however much I disagree with them. Now however, they have only pseudo-intellectual parrots who have no understanding of the philosophical underpinnings of their worldviews.

Well, Polly wants a cracker, dude. And by “cracker” I mean “any sort of detailed policy initiative for this office” or “one good reason anyone should consider voting for you instead of Pat O’Brien in November.” I did see where you tried to take him to task over the Garland County runoff election debacle after he came out with specific ideas on avoiding a similar situation in the future . Wait, let me re-type that: tried to take him to task.

“It’s not the secretary of state’s role to actually be dictatorial with the counties as far as how they want to conduct some of this stuff,” Martin said. “You have to be really careful, when you are dealing with the counties.”

A quote like that is pretty telling, don’t you think? The S.o.S. would be “dictatorial” in coordinating efforts with county election officials? Um, isn’t this role kind of important in the S.o.S. job? How could being proactive with specific plans calling for accountability possibly be seen as heavy-handed on the counties?

Oh, but it gets better worse.

“It’s all fine for us to come up with a bunch of ideas during a campaign and make issues out of them, but I think it’s more important to make sure you work with county officials on doing something that everyone is comfortable with.”

At this point I’m considering deleting this entire commentary because it appears I have just answered the question I have posed to Mr. Martin.  Apparently coming up with ideas and making issues out them — DURING A CAMPAIGN — is an unimportant part of the electoral process.  So THAT’S why I he doesn’t list anything.  Wow.  My bad, I guess.

The more I think about this, the more I wonder if Mr. Martin should just scrap my idea of boldly declaring positions on issues affecting the office, and should instead simply have his website url redirect you to a picture of his famous namesake’s race car.  Voters like famous Arkansans.  Voters like fast cars.  Voters won’t demand ideas.

You know what we came to see!


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