Man, What a Dick.

16 Jul

I mentioned in passing earlier today that former Bill Clinton confidant and current Fox “News” commentator Dick Morris had been making the rounds at conservative rallies in the Natural State yesterday. Today, we find this clip on YouTube recorded during the Americans for Prosperity event held at Larry’s Pizza in Little Rock in support of the Boozman and Griffin campaigns.

No doubt tops in his slew of derogatory statements directed at Democratic lawmakers, Morris described Senator Lincoln and State Senator Elliott as “a couple of girls who just can’t say no.”

Nothing like a crowd realizing how outlandish and sexist a statement is, only to immediately give it an enthusiastic stamp of approval by hooting and hollering for it.  But so goes today’s GOP.  But wait, haven’t we been told this “new GOP” is a party of empowered women?

Riiight, Dick. You know all about women who can’t say “no,” right?  Because you pay them to say “yes.”


One Response to “Man, What a Dick.”

  1. Matt July 16, 2010 at 5:06 pm #

    Greatest. Title. Ever.


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