AR-02: Better Get To Running

21 Jul

The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington recently listed AR-02 candidate Timmy! Griffin among the most crooked politicians currently seeking office. Obviously, our close proximity to the little W.-imitating weasel means we’re less-than-surprised his name would appear on such a list (alongside other notable corruptinators seeking federal office such as my former district rep. and current Senate candidate Roy Blunt of MO, Teabaggers Marco Rubio of FL and J.D. Hayworth of AZ, and Vino “The Undiscloser” Rossi of WA). However, it was Max Brantley’s reaction following the report on his blog that completely summed up what I was thinking after reading the list:

Where is the Democratic candidate for 2nd District Congress, Joyce Elliott? Griffin is everywhere, in person, on Twitter, on Facebook, in your e-mail inbox. Gal better get to running.


Matt will have more for you on the shenanigans of Griffin in coming days, primarily because we’ve both found ourselves very puzzled as to why the story of Griffin’s misdealing is not being told. Perhaps voters here are not huge fans of the current president. Fair enough. But they’re damn sure not fans of his predecessor, either. To not paint little Timmy! up and down with the Bush/Rove mantle is beyond a missed opportunity — it should be a duty of Elliott and state Dems to the voters because this guy will not have the best interests of Arkansans heart, no matter how many times he screams that Nancy Pelosi is evil and destroying us.

More from the CREW listing below. Consider it your cliffnotes version to the forthcoming Matty diatribe.

Timothy Griffin is the Republican nominee for Arkansas’s second congressional district.

Mr. Griffin was a former aide to and protégé of notorious political operative Karl Rove. In the 2004 presidential election, Mr. Griffin was the research director of the RNC where he may have spearheaded Republican vote caging efforts, a legally questionable direct mail campaign to disenfranchise poor, minority and military voters.

Mr. Griffin was most prominently touched by scandal when he was picked to replace a U.S. Attorney in Arkansas who, despite being highly regarded, had been asked to resign.  Emails between the Justice Department and the White House revealed that despite his lack of prosecutorial experience, the selection of Mr. Griffin was personally important to Mr. Rove.  Knowing that he would never pass muster at a Senate confirmation hearing, Mr. Griffin was appointed interim U.S. Attorney for an indefinite time period under a misused, emergency provision of the PATRIOT Act.

Mr. Griffin resigned effective June 1, 2007, after less than six months on the job and in the midst of an investigation by the House Judiciary Committee into the political motivations behind the U.S. Attorney scandal.  


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