AR-02: Wills Finally Set To Publicly Endorse Elliott

23 Aug

In their first joint appearance since their bitter run-off election — and nearly three weeks after being pegged as Senator Joyce Elliott’s Faulkner County Chairman — House Speaker Robbie Wills will join his former rival at a press conference in Conway to publicly announce his endorsement of Elliott’s run for U.S. Congress v. Bush/Rove cronie Timmy! Griffin. From the official news release:

“On the campaign trail, I talked about taking Arkansas values to Washington. I still believe that is what this election is all about. As a school teacher for 30 years and as a leader in the Arkansas legislature, Senator Elliott has spent her life working and helping the people of Arkansas. We have a mess in Washington and if you want to see it cleaned up you need to send an honest, hardworking leader like Joyce Elliott to Congress. She is the person who will take her Arkansas values to fix Washington. Joyce will get the job done.” said Wills.

“I can assure you that Joyce Elliott will bring her small town work ethic and Arkansas common sense approach to get things turned around up there and get our economy back on solid ground. Joyce has a proven track record of winning major economic victories for Arkansas. I know because Joyce and I worked with Governor Mike Beebe to get the local economy back on track by recruiting companies to Arkansas like LM Glasfiber, Welspun, Mitsubishi and the HP plant right here in Conway. I know Joyce will take the economic lessons she learned working with Governor Beebe to Washington and lead the fight to reignite our economy. I urge everyone in Faulkner County and every person in the 2nd district to learn more about Joyce Elliott.” says Wills.

“I promise the more you learn, the more you will like Joyce Elliott and the more you will see the choice is clear in this race: Arkansas needs Joyce Elliott as their next Congresswoman.” says Wills.

“I deeply appreciate Speakers Wills support, and I look forward to working with him during the election.” says Elliott.

“We are in this election to win it. Do not let polls numbers and naysayers tell you otherwise” says Elliott.

Elliott, a teacher for thirty-one years, is dedicated to improving the lives of Arkansas. Her background as a teacher and her dedication as a public servant have motivated her to run for office. Elliott believes that Washington needs common sense leaders who understand the daily struggles of ordinary citizens. Her experiences as a mother, educator, and legislator have shaped her congressional bid.

The event is open to the public. For more information please contact Elliott’s campaign headquarters at 501-398-4999 or via email at


3 Responses to “AR-02: Wills Finally Set To Publicly Endorse Elliott”

  1. August 23, 2010 at 2:10 pm #


    You tried to excoriate me last week when I made a big deal about Elliott’s website bio in the fact that it did not reference anything at all about her personal life and situation — and it still doesn’t — and whether or not she is married, has been married and is now divorced, has children, etc. To quote from your comments (in response to one of my comments) you said:

    “To the extent that her sexuality is relevant — and I argue that the extent is roughly “not at all”.

    In light of those comments, I find it interesting that your blog partner, Jeff, has found it very convenient in his post today to buttress the validity of Elliott’s candidacy by referencing some “background/bio-type of information”, to wit:

    “Elliott believes that Washington needs common sense leaders who understand the daily struggles of ordinary citizens. HER EXPERIENCES AS A MOTHER, EDUCATOR, AND LEGISLATOR HAVE SHAPED HER CONGRESSIONAL BID” (emphasis added with the caps).

    I would submit that this passage all but proves and reinforces my original point that it is quite important indeed to know of someone’s personal life and relationships whether that involves hetersexual or homosexual relationships, or other familial relationships like parent-child, etc., as they have a profound impact on the worldview of candidates running for public office.

    Additionally, in Jeff’s post, I was thankful to at least have learned of additional information regarding Elliott being a mother. I can only wonder out loud why you could not have provided even that small “snippet” of information last week during our exchange. Not sure if you were unaware of that information or not.

    Nonetheless, this new revelation does cause more questions to be asked about Elliott’s role as a mother: how many children does she have? How did this parent-child/children relationship come about (out-of-wedlock birth or births?) and with whom was the child/children produced (who is the father or fathers)? What has become of this child/children? Why are there no photos on Elliott’s website with her child/children? And again, is Elliott currently married? Has she been married in the past and is now divorced? How many times has she been married and/or divorced? Or again, as I naturally couldn’t help speculate about previously, is Elliott a homosexual who is simply trying to hide such information from voters?

    Again, these are all very legitimate and very relevant questions that speak to Elliott’s worldview and values that voters — regardless of their political stripes — have every right to know about when deciding who they will vote for. As I mentioned last week, candidates 99% of the time are falling all over themselves to tell voters about themselves and their family situation.

    I’m simply wanting to know the truth about Elliott. What can be so wrong with that?


  2. Matt August 23, 2010 at 3:39 pm #

    Jesus Christ, you could have found this in about 11 seconds online:

    NAME: Joyce Elliott.
    AGE: 59. Born in Willisville.
    HOMETOWN: Little Rock.
    OCCUPATION: State representative; former educator.
    EDUCATION: Southern Arkansas University; Ouachita Baptist.
    FAMILY: Single, one child.
    POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Three terms in state House, one term in state Senate.

    Maybe if you spent a little more time looking into this matter and less time trolling every post that mentions Elliott, you could spare us your inane ramblings.

    Also, Jeff didn’t buttress Elliott’s candidacy with that info; he repeated what Elliott believes makes her a good candidate. No one is selectively using background info only when it’s convenient.


  3. Jeff August 23, 2010 at 5:19 pm #

    “he repeated what Elliott believes makes her a good candidate” — I pasted a PRESS RELEASE FROM ELLIOTT’S CAMPAIGN BECAUSE THE JOINT APPEARANCE IS NEWSWORTHY. Sheesh.


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