AR-Sen: DPA Demands Answers from Boozman Ahead of Today’s Debate

10 Sep

With Sen. Lincoln and Rep. Boozman set to square off today for their first “official debate,” the Democratic Party of Arkansas has just issued a press release calling for the former Razorback back-up lineman to address five specific questions that voters deserve to know Boozman’s answers to before they go to the polls. 

1. Congressman Boozman, you voted with John Boehner and the D.C. Republican leadership 96% of the time. Is it safe to assume that you also would support raising the retirement age to 70 as suggested by John Boehner? Is John Boehner wrong to support raising the retirement age to 70?
2. Congressman Boozman, in 2001, you said, “the future of Social Security is dependent on creating a vehicle for private investment.” How is this not the privatization of Social Security?
3. Congressman Boozman, under your privatization plan, how will you protect the investments of our seniors against radical downturns in the market? Does this mean the United States Government will be forced to continually bail out Wall Street to protect the retirement security of our citizens?
4. Congressman Boozman, you co-sponsored two bills supporting the implementation of a nationwide 23% sales tax. When questioned about this, you stated that just because you are a co-sponsor of a bill doesn’t mean you necessarily support it. What other bills cosponsored by you, do you now claim not to support?
5. A National Association of Homebuilders study concluded that your Fair Tax proposals would produce negative effects for housing and home building markets.  Do you think it is wise to impose a 23% tax on home sales?

What say you, Mr. Boozman?

With momentum slowly turning back to Arkansas Democrats following the Bubba Blitz (and the accompanying strategy and talking points they desperately needed from him this election season), let’s hope that our incumbent senator won’t let Big John off the hook on these important differences. He plays it calm and collected — a mode he’s both comfortable in and that has proven to be very effective thus far — let’s see if we can’t get him a little worked up and on the defensive today. Despite his big lead in the polls, I do not believe that such an overwhelming majority of generally struggling Arkansans believe his ideas are the best way to dig our state and our nation out of the hole we’ve been put in by Republican rule.


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