AR-Sen: Politics Can Lead To Strange Bedfellows

24 Sep

Blanche Lincoln opines on John Boozman’s support for the Fair Tax:

“Jesus, John, even empty-headed, talking-point Republicans like Timmy! Griffin have backtracked on the absolutely absurd idea of a national sales tax. The hell’s wrong with you?”

Ok, so that wasn’t Senator Lincoln’s actual statement, but it might as well have been, given the content of her just-released TV ad. Yes, that’s a prominent, incumbent Arkansas Democrat citing a Karl Rove protege in order to attack a Republican challenger. Just when you thought you’d seen a little bit of everything during the course of Blanche’s re-election campaign, you’re reminded of just how wacky this political season has been (not to mention just how completely radical The Booz(e)man’s position on this issue is — especially considering that he’s been given plenty of chances to backtrack). Simply put, we feel that this is easily the best attack (among the ones that are actually based on the facts) ad that we’ve seen all year.

Here’s the spot and the accompanying Lincoln press release:

Congressman John Boozman’s latest ad uses paid actors posing as fishermen to attack Senator Blanche Lincoln and deny that the Congressman wants to raise taxes on most Arkansans. Senator Lincoln has answered with a new ad that sets the record straight. Republicans and Democrats agree that Boozman’s plan to replace the federal income tax with a national sales tax of 23 percent is a windfall for millionaires like himself while increasing taxes for 95 percent of Arkansans.

“In his decade in Washington, Congressman Boozman has been a millionaire’s best friend,” Lincoln campaign manager Steve Patterson said. “He says he is excited about the so-called Fair tax but experts from both political parties agree that his national sales tax will only help the wealthy and raise taxes on 95 percent of Arkansans. Congressman Boozman’s 23 percent national sales tax is just plain bad for Arkansas families.”

You can catch the rest of Lincoln’s release and her “Fishtale v. The Facts” comparisons here.

One can’t help but wonder what Griffin’s AR-02 Democratic opponent, Joyce Elliott, is thinking regarding this new Lincoln approach. Has Mrs. Lincoln effectively stolen Elliott’s thunder on the (un)Fair Tax issue by seemingly letting Timmy! off the hook for his earlier stated (and GOP-primary-geared) position by touting his sudden change of heart? Stay tuned.


2 Responses to “AR-Sen: Politics Can Lead To Strange Bedfellows”

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