AR-04: 64 Inches Of a Rootin’ Tootin’ Southern Sarah Palin?

27 Sep

Though here at BHR we’ve yet to hear one pundit or reader out there concerned much with AR-04 challenger Beth Anne Rankin’s height when actually “sizing her up” against incumbent Democrat Mike Ross or Green Party candidate Josh Drake, she tackles the “issue” head-on in her new television spot.

You can peep it here:

Ok, a few quick reactions to Miss Arkansas 1994 and her new spot:

1. Less talk about your height, more talk about specific ideas to actually carry out your national GOP talking point agenda so voters might get a chance to compare what you’re offering to the other candidates. Sure, screaming “ENOUGH!” at Washington and illogically claiming you’ll be able to both cut federal tax revenues while at the same time cutting the national deficit may sound fine and dandy, but at some point voters are going to at least need a general understanding about how you plan to do it. I mean, a look at the issue of jobs on your website nets me this:

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

As a small-business owner, I have witnessed the federal government adding regulation after regulation, tax after tax, and over-bearing paperwork burdens that seem to never end.

The free-enterprise system is the incredible economic engine that created the American economy and gave birth to the most powerful & generous nation on earth. It is absolutely essential for government to respect the magic of the free-market system. We must remember that government does not create jobs. Government’s proper role is to create an environment that fuels the creation of jobs by the private sector.

Obama’s not respectin’ the “magic,” eh? Am I to assume you’re the gal that’ll get us back to the proper level of wizardry and hocus pocus, then? Arkansans should feel incredibly confident in your approach.

2. While Miss Rankin again points out (she’s apparently under contractual obligation to do so every time she speaks) that Rep. Ross has “voted for Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker four tiiimes,” she fails to mention that little point about how there is only one Democrat and one Republican on the ballot House members vote on, and that the party with the most House members always win.

3. Ok, so at this point the whole Palinization of Miss Rankin’s appearance has been well documented, at least in the political blogosphere, but my goodness, could we turn the “rootin’ tootin’ lil’ conservative momma grizzly” down a notch? The hair’s pulled back. You wear the glasses all the time now. You’re all the rage right now with the Arkansas Teabaggers. We get it.


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