AR-Lt. Gov: Broadway Fires Back, Touts “Great Schools and Better Jobs” In First Ad

6 Oct

Democrat State Senator Shane Broadway released his first television ad today, and he is out of the gate with a very positive piece that touts his work for “great schools and better jobs” and does not mention his opponent, Republican Mark Darr, by name.

Last week, we highlighted Darr’s first television ad, which Matt summarized as yet another page in the AR GOP ’10 playbook of using national talking points in order to tie opponents to the “Obama agenda” and touting issues that have little to no bearing on the position sought, particularly in the case of state constitutional candidates. Despite our dismay at seeing Republican candidates like Darr getting by thriving in this season’s political landscape simply because of the “R” by their name rather than any substantive policy ideas that might offer, we have seen a race that most originally thought would be a coronation for the well-known and largely un-partisan Broadway turn into a toss-up with a relative unknown with just under a month to go.

I like the positive tone taken by Broadway in the first ad — especially given Darr’s “spooky” attack ad from last week — even though I can already hear Matt mumbling “it’s a constitutional requirement that all state budgets be balanced, Shane” when viewing this for this first time. [Actually, all states but one have that requirement.  Looking at you, Vermont! –Matt] Still, the notion of “responsible spending” is polling well here and we’re seeing Dems across the board use it (AR-01 Dem Chad Causey even touts a ’94-GOP-esque “Balanced Budget Amendment” federally right now), plus Broadway can legitimately say that he has played a major role in helping to keep that budget balanced responsibly without having to slash services or raise taxes. He also highlights issues that he has already demonstrated leadership during his time in the state legislature — improving education and providing tax incentives to spur business — and smartly invokes his predecessor’s state scholarship lottery idea, which has been both popular and extremely beneficial to this state.

Upon releasing the ad, Broadway also released the following statement:

“Today, I’m excited to announce that we’re going up on television with a positive advertisement that talks about my strong family upbringing and my plan to bring jobs to Arkansas,” Broadway said.  “As I’ve been traveling across our state, people have told me they’re happy to hear from a candidate who has a real, detailed plan to create more and better jobs—a candidate who has the know-how and the energy to implement that plan.”


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