AR-04: Ross Selected As Blue Dog Co-Chair

16 Nov

Rep. Mike Ross has been chosen by the Democrats’ Blue Dog Coalition to once again serve as communications co-chair — as he did during the ’07-’08 session — in addition to his current duties misdirecting chairing the coalition’s healthcare committee.

“The message [from voters on election day] was not that ‘we want the GOP to run the country,’ it was ‘we want both parties to work together for us,’ ” he told the National Journal last week. “I think if the Republicans heard the message last night from the independents, there are going to be a lot of areas the Blue Dogs will be able to work with the Republicans, as well as the Democrats, to help move this country forward.”

Ross said he believes that the GOP’s future success lies in appealing to moderates rather than playing to its base.

“If the Republicans make the same mistake as the Democrats, their majority will be short-lived,” he said. “I’m optimistic the GOP leadership will reach out to the Blue Dogs and work with us.”

Being that both Blue Dog Democrats and rightwing Republicans tend to carry the water for big corporate interests — especially the healthcare insurance industry — instead of their constituents, I’m sure there will be plenty for both to agree on.


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