Huck Would Back Jeb Bush In 2012

14 Dec

In an interview posted on the National Journal’s website yesterday, our former gov and national conservastar Mike Huckabee, when opining on the 2012 GOP presidential landscape, said that the one person out there that could jump in the race and keep him on the sidelines as a supporter would be the “brilliant” Jeb Bush.

National Journal: Is there anybody who might run for president who would keep you out of the race, either because of that person’s strength as a candidate or because you liked and respected him or her?

Huckabee: If Jeb Bush wanted to jump in, I’d probably go help him. I love Jeb; I think he’s brilliant. He was an excellent governor. I have the highest of admiration for him. He could certainly raise the money, and I think he’d clear the deck. I think there’s a lot of very capable, qualified people, and some aren’t the obvious ones. Nobody ever heard of me four years ago, and I ended up coming in second. Nobody expected that, and that’s how things should be.

Probably a safe answer here for Huckabee — “ain’t nobody out there better than me right now” might’ve came off just a tad pretentious — but I think most of realize that the ambitious former Baptist preacher turned book peddling tv/radio personality has convinced himself that with a little better organization he just might’ve came from national obscurity to best John McCain during his first run in 2008 and has been positioning himself for 2012 ever since. Could he really improve upon his ’08 showing and be the favorite in ’12? Despite (very) early polls indicating yes, we know a field likely to include Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and person or two from the lesser-known second-tier (Tim Pawlenty, John Thune, Rick Santorum, Haley Barbour, Rick Perry, etc.), will make bridging the gaps between the Old Guard, the Evangelicals, and the Tea Party tough for anyone. That said, although he may be the person best suited in a party unified in opposition to Obama but fractured in its vision for the future, the 43rd president’s older bro has made it quite clear he has no intention of throwing his hat in the ring right now.

UPDATE: You can expect plenty of 2012 presidential primary coverage from BHR in the coming months, and yours truly will be all over it. In fact, we’re adding a seperate “2012” topic category today. That said, let me go ahead and get out there right now and say that I don’t think the GOP nominee will be Palin, Romney, Gingrich or The Huck. I’ll take South Dakota Rep. John Thune as my sleeper pick and Texas Gov. Rick Perry as my wild card.


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