Rep. Hutchinson, Consultant, Decries Taxpayer Dollars Going To Consultants

14 Dec

Local conservative blogger extraordinaire Jason Tolbert wrote a column over the weekend with reaction to the pricey and long-awaited Arkansas Blue Ribbon Committee on Highway Finance final report released on December 1. Here’s an excerpt from Tolbert’s Arkansas News column:

The 40-page report that came in six months late was not free. Of course, the “answer” to any government problem is to throw money at it. So far, the committee’s work has cost taxpayers over $130,000. Some went to reimburse committee members and legislators for their meeting expenses, but the bulk — over $70,000 — went to Craig Douglass Communications — a public relations consulting firm.

Ok, for now, forget about the overall price tag of the report and the mere mention of “state lawmaker reimbursements” (because we know your ears perk up whenever you see those words on this website). It was the quoted statements from Rep. Donna Hutchinson of Bella Vista — she of the vaunted Hutchinson AR-GOP Dynasty, recent target of liberal anger, and anti-Hispanic AR election law novice — in the article that seemed a bit odd, given her resume. On her official House profile, Hutchinson lists being a mediator for a consulting firm she founded — DJ Consulting of NWA, LLC —  as her primary occupation. Yet, in responding angrily to the Blue Ribbon Committee’s report, she decries wasting taxpayer money on hiring outside consultants.

“The task force hired Craig Douglass because it was not a serious study group but a PR event for the Highway Commission. Consultants are usually for PR purposes — selling a product or idea. Taxpayers’ monies were used to sell an idea to the taxpayers. And I’m pretty sure the folks are not going to buy the idea of raising taxes.”

Hmm…can’t help but wonder what kind of consulting her firm does. Also can’t help but wonder if her firm also is cashing AR taxpayer checks, huh? Because otherwise statements like these — regardless of their merit — would seem a tad hypocritical coming from her, no?

Stay tuned, BHR readers. There may be more to come.


2 Responses to “Rep. Hutchinson, Consultant, Decries Taxpayer Dollars Going To Consultants”

  1. Skywalker December 15, 2010 at 12:26 pm #

    …And if there’s not, we’ll never hear about this subject from you again. But at least you’ve gotten in your jab. Seriously, how ’bout just a LITTLE more research before insinuating that she’s being hypocritical?


  2. Jeff Woodmansee December 15, 2010 at 1:44 pm #

    I wouldn’t write something like that without some preliminary research. It’s called foreshadowing.


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