2012: Palin Out Of The Closet On Gay Rights?

4 Jan

Typically, it’s the inane and oft-incoherent ramblings that former half-term Alaska Gov. and GOP superstar Sarah Palin tweets that makes news. This time it’s what she’s re-tweeted that has people re-thinking where she stands on a social issue still dear to many on the Far Right.

On Monday, Palin relayed a comment posted by gay conservative pundit Tammy Bruce, who was expressing her frustrations with the smoldering bits of GOP opposition to the military’s now-overturned “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. Bruce’s original tweet (see below) was subsequently relayed by Palin.

“But this hypocrisy is just truly too much. Enuf already–the more someone complains about the homos the more we should look under their bed”

Bruce was immediately thrilled with Palin’s re-tweet, saying it constitutes a clear sign to voters that the former Republican veep choice is a friend of the gay and lesbian community.

“I think @SarahPalinUSA RT my tweet is her first comment on DADT, treatment of gays & attempts to marginalize us–thank you Governor,” Bruce replied.

After the story started picking up national interest this morning, Bruce took to her website to further explain her take on what Palin meant to say with the re-tweet, heralding Palin as a gay friendly Libertarian:

When it comes to Sarah Palin’s position on DADT, I have never asked her about it and she has never spoken to me about it–but I assess her as a Conservative with Libertarian influence. Both her husband and son are Independents, with Mr. Palin serving as his wife’s primary adviser. I will remind people of things already in the public realm about the governor–she refused to veto partner benefits legislation as governor of Alaska and is a firm believer in fairness and “live and let live.” She is not a Culture Warrior, however. She is, which should be apparent by her Facebook postings and opinion pieces, a Policy Wonk. She is also, which is clearly evident, a charismatic leader who remains grounded by her character, faith and family.

Some have suggested this ‘completely changes the 2012 election.’ Not really–perhaps for some who believed the LSM and Gay Gestapo lie that Sarah Palin was somehow a bigot or homophobe, I hope this does cause some to take a second look at Palin, away from the left’s predictable “She’s a Hater!!” meme.

Knowing the governor somewhat and having made my assessment, I support her specifically because she is a decent person grounded in a patriotism and appreciation for the American tradition that allows all of us to pursue the American dream however we each see fit. “Live and let live” is also only possible when government is small and off our backs. It is only possible when conservative ideals prevail in this nation and through our government. No one should be surprised by the fact that a conservative Alaskan woman has a libertarian streak and believes all Americans have a right to live the lives that best suit them.

Team Palin has yet to say anything further on the issue since this story started generating interest, so it remains unclear exactly what she meant to convey. Regardless, the re-tweet seems to be a highly unusual comment from Palin, who most assume toes the Far Right’s line of formal bigotry limiting gay rights, especially when DADT and gay rights in general will likely once again be a hot-button issue in the upcoming GOP presidential primary battle royale. It could also be a sign the former Alaska governor’s stance on social issues (at least beyond her staunch opposition to abortion) is less understood by both Republicans and Democrats than was previously thought, and could be a way to seperate herself from the pack of other GOP contenders.

I’ll admit, I’m extremely intrigued by this bit of strategery and will keep you posted on how it plays out.


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