BHR: Too “Self-indulgent And Solipsistic” For Mainstream

6 Jan

When taking a look at today’s Arkansas Times, you might have run across a piece entitled, “Blog blog blog: A list of the best,” and noticed that, despite quickly becoming Arkansas’s fastest-growing left-leaning political news blog in 2010, gaining a reputation for holding political candidates accountable through exhaustive research, providing in-depth policy analysis, and offering content contributions as the third wheel to the Arkansas Election Line,  Blue Hog Report simply does not measure up to several other political blogs in the state, even those that are so seldomly updated that many are left wondering whether or not they are still active.

While media heavyweights such as John Brummett and Roby Brock are obvious choices to be included in the listing, as well as the constant GOP insights we get from the Tolbert Report, should BHR really be left out in the cold? Not to step on any toes, but it’s just hard to imagine that Politics in Arkansas has more relevance than our blog, Luke Hobbs’ Progressive Arkansas, or even David McAvoy’s Blue Arkansas Blog, all of which have made significant contributions to the political discourse in the past election cycle and in its aftermath.

Perhaps we are just too “self-indulgent and solipsistic” to crack the Top Eight in Arkansas, or perhaps we’ve just been overlooked by a wandering eye. No matter, it’s YOU, our readers, that make BHR one of the state’s best political blogs, not any Arkansas Times official endorsement.

Hey, at least we weren’t left off for the now non-existent Blake’s Think Tank this time. 😉

The AT list:


The Tolbert Report

Citizens’ Daily

Lance Turner

Politics in Arkansas

Under the

Lynch at Large

John Brummett

Roby Brock’s Political Buzz


2 Responses to “BHR: Too “Self-indulgent And Solipsistic” For Mainstream”

  1. Skywalker January 6, 2011 at 4:17 pm #

    Solipsistic, yeah, that was the word I was trying to think of about BHR, too.

    Thanks for the ProgAR shoutout. To be fair, we’re located in Ft. Smith. I’m sure if it wasn’t for that geographical technicality, we would have been at the top of the Times’ list.

    Wonder what the Times has against you guys. I mean, Citizens Daily Lobby? Really?


    • Matt Campbell January 6, 2011 at 6:45 pm #

      I’d have gone with “soporific.” But that’s just me.


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