Yo, Davey, Where’s My Twenty-‘Leven Edition?

14 Jan

I just have one question for that holier-than-thou, Tea Partying, freedom loving, “family values” peddling conservative radio personality Dave Elswick:


You see, Mr. Elswick, when not spending his afternoons making illogical economic policy arguments, berating the POTUS and the rest of the Democratic Party, or promoting interviewing state Republicans under the guise of “news reporting” on his KARN radio show, also became a calendar publishing mogul of sorts last year, taking the fight to the leftist “lamestream” media (who is always picking on that good lookin’ Alaskan conservastar Sarah Palin) by unveiling his Sexy Conservative Chicks 2010 Calendar.

Dave Elswick began http://www.sexyconservativechicks.com because he got totally PO’d with the  way the MSM treated Sarah Palin and other beautiful conservative women.

So, he began this site where hot, smokin’, and sexy conservative chicks are celebrated. The women on this  site are 100% USDA bona fide conservative women that believe in the Constitution, capitalism, limited
government, the free market, and showing off their puppies for some old creepy conservative pundit’s calendar is not only holy and patriotic, but a great way to irk all those freedom-hating pinko terrorist liberals.

Thank the Lord for sexy conservative women.

Ok, so some of you are reading this and doubting my sincerity in hoping there will be a 2011 edition released. You’re probably sitting there thinking that I’m just being snarky again, merely using the fact that Elswick — father to a young lady in his own right — is attempting to cash in on a poorly done and fairly distasteful calendar off the airwaves, just to point out the man is a bit of a hypocrite because he often sells something very different to people when on-air.

Ok, so I am being snarky, but I’m not actually calling Dave a hypocrite. Far from it.

“Socially,” it would seem, you and the government should just back off this “Neo-Libertarian” and his right to both publish and be a fan of soft-core smut, just as long as he doesn’t “infringe” on you in a way that may require some clean-up afterwards.

Indeed, Dave. /thumbs way up!


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