Breaking News: Holland Charged

26 Jan

FOR – Being able to above Arkansas law (and far below minimum common sense thresholds) when recklessly driving back home from my fancy new lawmakin’ gig in the big city. Don’t y’all know who I am?!

FOR – Ridiculous back-slappin’ from my colleagues when I fess up to drivin’ so dangerous that the producers over at TRU TV should be inquiring about the availability of video footage. A standing ovation? Seriously??

FOR – Not really giving you a straight-shootin’ answer as to “WHY?”  I decided to lead Perry County Sheriff Byrd on a 20-mile car chase at speeds nearing 110mph on January 24.

AGAINST – Being brought up on charges of Fleeing — a class A Misdemeanor — as well as Careless Driving and Improper Passing in Perry County this afternoon.


Perry County Sheriff Scott Montgomery’s official statement:

I officially confirm that my Investigator Ray L. Byrd has charged Senator Bruce Holland in the incident which occurred on January 24, 2011 on Highway 10 West in Perry County.
Investigator Byrd has submitted the charges of Fleeing, a class A Misdemeanor, Careless Driving and Improper Passing.
This decision was made solely by Investigator Byrd who has my full support.  I also commend him for taking his time in fully researching the statutes and rulings involving person of Senator Holland’s position before taking action.  That decision further demonstrates Investigator Byrd’s professionalism.
I deeply regret the incident occurred but it was not by any fault of my Department or its employees.  Investigator Byrd could have done one of two things, ignore it or do the right thing.  Investigator Byrd chose to do his job.
I have instructed my Department not to discuss the matter further outside the Court System.  The Court will determine the outcome.
Senator Holland’s Office has been notified of this decision.  I have instructed him as to his need to report to my office to be formally charged.



One Response to “Breaking News: Holland Charged”

  1. dave January 27, 2011 at 10:56 am #

    FOR – Wearing the most ridiculous hat ever and being proud of it.


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