Calls for Civility?

8 Nov

cheneyfuckyourself - Copy (180x135)Some of these highly hypocritical and self-righteous “calls for political civility” have become quite irritating, folks. Look, at least in this nation, we get to spike the football after a hard-fought victory. Americans even celebrate a little creative end zone dance routine now and again. But you can also be flagged for excessive celebration, so you do have to find the appropriate balance.

That being said, after four years of hearing how our president, who won in resounding fashion in 2004, is this “Kenyan Muslim Antichrist Dictatorial Modern-Day Hitler” and actually hearing the other party’s nominee describe all Obama supporters as some sort of “victimized deadbeats” looking for government cheese, well, let’s just acknowledge that this particular race just felt a whole lot more personal for most progressives. Throw in the whole social networking “share your feelings and biased news sources instantly” phenomenon and you have got quite a cultural spectacle, really.

I’m in the mood for some post-partisan glow, folks – I really am. It’s the primary reason I supported Barack Obama way back when – his talk of getting beyond “Blue” and “Red” state labels and the old Reagan/Bush v. Clinton political battles really spoke to me because that sort of partisan bickering was all I had ever known. Unfortunately, those good intentions were quickly met with a sad new reality when he actually had to try and find ways to compromise with opposition officials who stated their mission as obstructing his policies at all costs.

I’m beyond ecstatic today that I no longer will feel the need to ever worry about Mitt Romney and anything he proposes again, and have zero desire to continue the debates about this race for a second longer. But I’m also in no mood to just sit back and be lectured on civility after the way the only two Democratic presidents in my lifetime have been treated by the other side. Sure, the Left couldn’t stand George W. Bush (but neither can the Right, considering how they refuse to let him participate in public events since he left office), but there are many examples of Democrats compromising with the GOP to move the country’s business forward during the Bush years. One side has tended to suck it up for the good of the country, while the other consistently has not. That’s hypocrisy, not civility.

The End.

(For this campaign season, anyway.)


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