Sex, Guns, and Dominoes

23 Dec

DominoesFallingWhat a sudden, earth-shifting turn of events the past few days in AR politics, huh?

Time for a bit of quick reflecting and processing . . .

So, we begin our news week with the always-unlovable-yet-always-inevitable gov frontrunner Dustin McDaniel offering up his hastily arranged “apology” regarding personal misdeedery in an unfolding sex scandal that appears plenty sordid enough to fetch D-G headlines for months to come. Ouch, McDeezy. Have we learned nothing from recent mistakes, sir? You may be plowing through that traditional Arkansas Democrats’ playbook on your way to the throne, but Bubba you ain’t. Surely you do understand you can’t whether these sorts of storms and attacks on your character. Then again, it wouldn’t be the first time ego and libido threw a wrench in the plans of a rising politician, would it?

Of course, as is the case with all significant political scandals, and no matter how far out the next election may be, one could hear some very important dominoes begin moving in the hypothetical race for ’14. By Thursday, my man Bill Halter is emailing a Christmas greeting card and family portrait that was so gooey with warmth and wholesomeness I swear I could actually smell the apple pie emanating from my computer monitor. (Seriously, that’s a great lookin’ bunch of gals he has there.)

Next, without even a full day having passed since that little well-played jab on family values from Halter, we all got to sit back and marvel once again at those mighty Hutchinson family connections at work with our boy “Asa!” suddenly reborn in the national media, grabbing instant headlines with his NRA-Figureheadedwhatever role in yesterday’s otherwise forgettable presser on gun violence. There’s little doubt in this author’s mind that Mr. Hutchinson’s showing yesterday in that extremely disappointing and completely unconstructive “response” on schools and guns will poll very well in our state and was a masterfully devised first-strike in this race.

Now we can be sure that these dominoes are falling, not even two full months since the last election. There’s been chatter that big names like Mike Ross and Timmy Griffin are now reconsidering their recent formal declarations to not run. There has also been some more remote speculation that the heavily bankrolled and AFP/ALEC queenpin State Senator Missy Irvin might just bypass her more logical step of running for State Treasurer and go right for the top spot (presumably because Griffin was out and the in-house disdain for Lt. Gov. Mark Darr, who will have some serious character issues raised in his next campaign himself).

Early polling showed things pretty tight even with McDaniel jumping out early with all of his built-in advantage; now, in the course of a week, it looks like the Democrats are destined for an even nastier primary fight and that ol’ Doyle Webb and the crew have a real shot to both vote their portly pizza man off the island and turn their wet blanket into a NRA Superstar “Gov!” like he’s long been dreaming about.


Ok, back to the spirit of ol’ Kris Kringle and whatnot. Am I right?? Happy Holidays to all my fellow political hacks out there! Let’s all do our part to make it a great 2013!


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