Campaign Scuttlebutt

2 Jun

Mike Ross: Eatin’ up all the positive buzz.


It would be appear there is indeed some truth behind these ongoing rumors that fmr. Lt. Gov. Bill Halter will opt out of another race for Gov, this time option for a congressional run in AR-02 because of Mike Rossy’s seemingly unstoppable start and growing momentum. Honestly, it’s always where here I wanted him (Halter in AR-02, that is), but what would that mean for the rest of the races down ticket? Let’s take a quick look, shall we?

Timmy G.? Pipeline issues. “Timmywatch.” Etc. More on that to come in a future post. Lets look at some of his other maneuvering, though…

Despite what some insiders have told me, that a run for Gov is still not out of the realm of possibility, his appointment to the powerful Weighs and Means Committee signaled to this writer that that was the ultimate D.C. insider deal to get the ambitious Timmy to sit out a potential U.S. Senate run versus Mark Pryor so the Weekly Standard’s Wonderkid, Rep. Tom Cotton, could skip in line on his way to greater national attention, presumably because of having the better of the two resumes to pitch (i.e. none of that pesky Bush Era voter caging and revenge-based U.S. attorney shuffling). No, instead it will seemingly be Timmy’s free reign to build his empire as U.S. Rep. for the forseeable future, IF the Dems can’t get their act together.

In the name of Congressman Vic Snyder – PLEASE get your act together.

John Adams is out. Not that his being in really mattered. He finished fifth in a five-man race last time, even losing to  this guy:


Fmr. AR-02 Democratic candidate Patrick Kennedy

David Johnson: Toothsome. Look it up.

Warwick Sabin? Star on the rise. Probably wouldn’t want to risk a loss in this current political environment to get derailed. If Timmy holds on, look for Warwick to go to war for progressives in 2016 when Hillary tops the home ballot.

Kathy Webb? Wouldn’t do a whole lot better than Joyce Elliott did a couple of cycles ago, despite the amount of respect she has earned within the party and even from many on the other side of the aisle.

Unknown: Hell, it was Herb Rule last time. Much like that race for the student council, anyone’s free to sign up.


Apparently John Burkhalter is in? With two heavyweights already set to duke it out, and with one of them looking to reinvent himself and do whatever it takes to win, you gotta wonder why.

Perennial Green Party candidate Rebekah Kennedy has said she will not run for this office, despite speculation.


Missy’s name thrown around a lot lately. I still think Treasurer is most likely.

Jason Rapert. Much like the Obama effect, he could be a rallying cry for Dems on every ballot in the state. Dems can only hope for this bit of help in what looks to be another uphill battle.

And perhaps the aforementioned Burkhalter actually sees a bid for the top spot pointless now that Ross is busy raising big campaign money and opts to “ease in” with a run at #2. Might be a really smart play for the insider-turned-campaign-newcomer.

Stay tuned, my fellow political junkies…


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