Redefining “Anti-Racist” [UPDATED]

22 Dec



Yes, it’s Arkansaw, so I get it. But it’s also 2013, folks, so pardon me while I’m still a bit shocked and dismayed by the following display of anti-enlightenment I recently had a chance to take in directly from our friends and neighbors to the north in A Place Called Harrison:


From the Harrison Daily Times, November 29, 2013:

A Harrison Police report shows that a witness saw some people vandalizing a billboard on the Bypass early Friday morning and reported it to police. Now it’s under investigation as a criminal matter. The report shows the witness called police about 12:10 a.m. Friday to report seeing several people vandalizing the sign.

The sign, which has drawn much controversy since it went up, is bright yellow with the words “Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White” emblazoned on it in black letters. The vandals had painted over part of the last two word and wrote the word “Love” on it.

Assistant Police Chief Paul Woodruff said the witness saw the act in progress and was able to give police the license plate number of a vehicle seen leaving the area Friday morning. He said the incident is an open criminal mischief investigation and no formal report had been finalized by Friday afternoon.


Hard to consider such an upgrade “vandalism.”

As loyal TWP followers and other newsies will recall, said billboard began causing a stir with local residents and travelers passing through along the busy U.S. 62/65 highway bypass when the sign went up sometime in mid-October, despite drawing the ire and condemnation of several city leaders. Since then, the company that owns the sign has refused to identify who is paying for this absurd public proclamation, only saying it was a “young man” who had agreed to pay $200 per month for a year.

For a growing town where most are eager to turn the page on an ugly history and want to promote commerce, investment, and be a place where young folks might stick around to raise their families, this has to be a very aggravating setback.

Hopefully the voices of “Love” truly do win the day for the citizens there and throughout our beloved, yet very racially-challenged Natural State.


“The People’s Lawyer” (Campbell) doesn’t shy away from controversy, does he?

…and now: The Litigation.

A billboard located along Highway 62-65 in Harrison garnered national attention when it first appeared in October, as reported to you here on TWP.  The sign read, “Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White,” until late November, when it was altered it to read, “Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Love.”  Though sign owner Claude West has refused to say who rented the space for the bargain price of $2,400 per year, suspicions abound that the renter of the sign has ties to the Ku Klux Klan.  Only days before the sign went up, Thomas Robb, national director of the Knights of the KKK, posted on his Facebook page, “Anti-KKK is a Code Word for Anti-White.”

The suspicions that racist motivations were behind the billboard have only grown since this past Wednesday when a local resident, Chad Watkins of Harrison, was arrested and charged with defacing the sign.  Watkins’ friends created a Facebook page and fundraising website to call attention to the matter and raise money for Watkins’ legal defense.  Almost immediately, bigoted and hateful comments began appearing on both sites.

Watkins has retained none other than Matt Campbell of Pinnacle Law Firm in Little Rock to defend him.

“It’s incredible,” says Campbell.  “The majority of the people leaving hateful comments about Mr. Watkins online tout themselves as Christians, yet, only days from Christmas, they are angry because someone changed a hateful message to one of love.  They scream about constitutional rights, but they seem ready to condemn Mr. Watkins before he ever even has a day in court.  The cognitive dissonance is staggering.”

Watkins friends have created an online fundraising campaign to cover Watkins’ legal costs, and Campbell has stated that all money raised beyond actual costs and fees will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center at the close of the case.

“I’m doing it at no charge to him. He already has a fundraiser campaign set up for legal fees.  I told him I’d bill against whatever was raised, and, when the case was over, if there was excess money donated, we’d donate it to the SPLC.”

“Evildoer” graffitist, Chad Watkins

The Facebook page started on behalf of said vandalist, Watkins, includes the following formal description:

Let’s come together and raise money to help Chad Watkins with the legal fees he acquired when he “vandalized” an incredibly racist billboard with the word “LOVE”. If you’re from Harrison, I’m sure you’ve seen that hideous, racist sign on the bypass; It reads “Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White”. It attracted lots of protestors, and made our entire town look bad to those passing by. Many of us locals were disgusted with the sign, and shocked that it was even allowed.

Several weeks after the billboard was put up, it was vandilized with the word “love”. We all silently cheered for the brave sole who did this! Surprisingly, we found out that the “vandal” was someone we all know and love- Mr. Chad Watkins. Sadly, he was caught!

Donate Here:

(Southern Poverty Law Center ©)


4 Responses to “Redefining “Anti-Racist” [UPDATED]”

  1. J B (@jbrabbi) December 29, 2013 at 4:23 pm #

    Why do you hate White people?


  2. Nate Glenn January 27, 2014 at 10:46 am #

    What you see on this billboard is the lynchpin of the “moron mantra”, a self contradictory and insane set of lies and strawman arguments being pushed by a neo-nazi cult called the bugs swarm under the leadership of a senile old man named Bob Whitaker and a 42 year old unemployed man who lives in his mother’s basement named Timothy Gallagher Murdoch. Murdoch was apparently an inspiration to Anders Breivik, who mailed Murdoch his manifesto and repeated many of his words and arguments. The bugs swarm has a social networking site they use to coordinate their efforts and “swarm” websites and post racist messages. they were the ones who attacked the cheerios commercial for featuring a mixed race child and demanded the commercial be taken down. They are a very small group with about 150 members, maybe less, but they appear numerous because they use many sock puppet accounts and alert each other to each thread they are commenting on, some of them claim to do this many hours a day. If you interact with them, you should expect them to threaten your life in many different ways, they will copy and paste words and phrases used by Bob Whitaker as a response to anything you might say, and will not answer any questions or respond to any arguments, but instead will lie over and over again and threaten to kill you when not just copying and pasting nazi propaganda. Practically everything that comes out of their mouths (other than the death threats which Bob has specifically instructed them not to do) was put there by Bob, and he has also instructed them to hide the fact that they are Nazis, at all costs, using whatever methods necessary. He said “leave the swastikas at home… for now!” He also told them to hide the fact that they are planning “tribunals” to try, convict, and execute people for not agreeing with their ideology. I would guess that whoever put that sign up is a bugser or somebody who has latched onto their message and decided to run with it.


  3. Jennifer Stevens August 8, 2014 at 3:44 am #

    I think Watkins made a grave mistake hiring Campbell. The guy simply latches on to any sort of publicity he possibly can. High profile people & cases with extremely odds of even stepping foot in front of a jury are highly likely his #1 & 2 getting to trial are Sinks his teeth in, sucks the genuine integrity out of any of his clients & associates & lays up all night scheming as to what small fish he’ll fry next as he tries making himself a name as a trial lawyer. No jury is warming up to him. I’m willing to sit back & watch him Campbell’s lack of trial experience & blatently obvious neediness are going to be a hurdle for Watkins. Having this guy represent you when you’re already considered somewhat of a local hero is counterproductive, but then again, he did prove himself to be a bit reckless when he chose to act on his feelings before having a plan in which he wouldn’t get caught in the act. He seems like a great guy & I applaud him for standing up for what’s right, but hiring an attorney with basically zero trial experience & a huge lack of genuine magnetism & likeability were a hasty choice from where I sit. Anyone ever seen Campbell in forint of a crowd (say his television debut)? It was an utter disaster. Why waste so much time wring about I’d usually always advise to always go into court with an attorney, but if this red faced, stiff necked attention hungry guy is going to help anyone. Unless it simply means geing his highest paying client & simply doing as many FOIA Requests in order to stick it to the government & his fellow tax paying friends & neighbors it’s more than likely way out of Mr. Campbell’s league.



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