2015 MLB Season Predictions

6 Apr

Sorry, so-called experts, but Cano & Co. will have to settle for second-place this year…

Sure, the M’s are the trendy “expert pick” to battle it out with the Nats in this year’s Fall Classic, but ol’ Jeffy boy here thinks they’ll just have to settle for SECOND PLACE behind a far more complete Halo-squad…

2015 Playoff Predictions:
*denotes Wild Card 1
**denotes Wild Card 2

AL [B]est —
1. LA Angels
2. Seattle Mariners*

AL Central —
1. Chicago White Sox

AL East —
1. New York Yankees
2. Toronto Blue Jays**

ALDS: Angels over M’s; White Sox over Yanks
ALCS: Angels over White Sox in 5

AL MVP: Trout, LAA
AL CY: Hernandez, SEA

NL West —
1. Los Angeles Dodgers
2. Colorado Rockies**

NL Central —
1. St. Louis Cardinals
2. Pittsburgh Pirates*

NL East —
1. Washington Nationals

NLDS: Pirates over Dodgers; Nats over Cards
NLCS: Pirates over Nats in 7

NL MVP: Tulowitzki, COL
NL CY: Kershaw, LAD

NL ROY: Pederson, LAD

WORLD SERIES: Angels over Pirates in 7
WS MVP: David Freese, LAA


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