Hi, I’m Jeff. Welcome to The Woodmansee Project.

No doubt many of you know me from my previous writings on Blue Hog Report — as well as the resulting fallout from my involvement with it entailed. And while I am no longer contributing to the political chaos created by my good friend and colleague on that site, you’re right to assume that I’m still kicking up dust with my takes on Arkansas campaigns and public policies that matter most to me here on my latest crusade, TWP.

As you can see, things are coming along here — the format for the site is laid out, and I’m now busy adding new content and updating some older content. My approach for The Project is to not only have a format write out that redheaded anger as I fire off the occasional political rant on some state or national issue, but also as a way to bring together and organize some of my other burning interests — my family, baseball, great food, law, legal education and research, media, and social networking — so that I might share them on the interwebs with you as well.

Stay tuned for more. And thank you for all of the various encouragements and whatnots that have brought me here.



The Woodmansee Project is the personal website of Jeff B. Woodmansee, Sherwood, AR. The accessible content is exactly that – personal. The opinions and views represented here are exclusively mine and not those of the people, institutions, or organizations I am affiliated with, unless stated explicitly.

The Woodmansee Project is not affiliated with, nor does it represent, the attitudes, positions, or thoughts of my employer, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Bowen School of Law, its faculty, staff, student body, alumni, or any of the formal affiliations to which they are associated.


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