Inspired to lead.

“Let us all take more responsibility, not only for ourselves and our families, but for our communities and our country.”
– President Bill Clinton


I’m a practical, pro-family populist who loves this country, believes in open government, and still champions Bill Clinton’s “third way” political dogma — Community, Opportunity, and Responsibility.

I have long been an outspoken advocate for a populist agenda for America, achieved through progressive reforms that focus on our shared social responsibilities, investments in our people, and the needs of our working families – the principles that have always united us and allowed us to be a beacon of hope for the entire world.

Too many politicians treat elected office as a way to make money for themselves, today and down the road, and they choose what is profitable for them over what will benefit Arkansas.  I say that elected office is a privilege, not a right. When I talk to my fellow Arkansas voters, however, I hear time and time again that they don’t trust their elected officials and that too many politicians are simply “playing the game” – catering to the establishment and the agendas of special interests as they attempt to gain favor and win elections for personal gain.


Bipartisanship and compromise shouldn’t be viewed as “dirty words” in our politics.

Friends, that is not why I crusade with you. I write and remain active in politics because it is the one small part I can play in trying to avert the course of history our state is currently on under its new leadership and old habits of preserving power and the status quo. I still believe that despite our many differences, and despite a media-driven culture that seeks to find ways to keep us apart rather than bring us together, that there is still a common core of values and belief in American exceptionalism that runs through all of us in some fashion. Our leaders must be up to the challenge and break through the political circus to start focusing on restoring our democracy and providing ways for people to move ahead that are willing to work for it. Nobody is asking for a hand-out; folks want a hand-up and will “pay it forward” by helping rebuild our communities.

But most of all, I do continue to fight and stand up against injustice because, like so many of you, I want to take our democracy back.

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